Monday, February 19, 2007

Starting Anew


I briefly reviewed my archives and if I'm not mistaken, January 2007 is the first month since my blog started that didn't have any archive posts.

Grrr. Bad blogger.


I got to work a bit earlier than usual, a few minutes past 9am. It only took my around 45 minutes to get to the office from home! :D

Surprisingly, today was not what I expected it to be -- it seemed like one of those Mondays way back in 2005. No bosses, no foreigners, no visitors. And that only meant one thing: Monday -- is DotA day. Sweet.

No work also meant not having any excuse to NOT post.

To begin my.. mmm.. preparations for my comeback post, I open my online feed readers -- 244 unread posts says Bloglines! Google Reader just indicated it as 100+.. *whew*

Seeing that I had a LOT of catching-up to do, I first drafted an outline of what I would like to post about. It seemed a bit long. I decided to go ahead with the catching-up.

After I finished going through my blog roll, it was time to post something already, before I proceed with the --lemme see-- *gasp* 400+ link spam from my officemates.

I open up my Blogger account, after a looong time, and I still see the link where you could migrate your old Blogger account to the new version. A couple of months ago, I kept trying to migrate, but Blogger won't let me, saying that my blog had features that still weren't available for the Beta version. But I still tried to migrate, every time I saw the link, hoping that, well, I could. And today, I did not get any warning. I am actually eligible to migrate to the new Blogger. I stopped for a moment to process the fact. I looked around the page -- the Blogger Beta logo had the word "Beta" crossed-out! Yey! :p

I went through the steps, which were actually quite trivial, since I already have a Google Account, and I arrive at my Blogger Dashboard. There, I suddenly stopped again. I saw the blog that I reserved way back in May 2005 that I intended to transfer to, after a whole year with this blog. I didn't really intend For the Mail! to last this long. I even remember someone telling me that it would be cool if I kept using For the Mail!, even if it has out-lived its purpose.

Now, I have decided to move to a new blog.


mark said...

w00t new blog! :) and new url! hehe. naunahan mo na ko.

Nikki! said...

eh? naunahan mag new URL?