Sunday, August 16, 2009

Game Time Recap

Hah! This is another draft that I forgot to post!

Here's the continued recounting of events surrounding our TV game show experience, which began here.


July 21, 2009


  • Kei and I leave early to pass by GMA to claim her wallet
  • We arrive at GMA at 10am, as scheduled
  • We were directed to the dzBB building across the street
  • We wait for the contact person
  • We meet him, and he takes us to another building where we wait again

  • Susan Enriquez comes out of the building; she is interviewed by some college girls right there at the building's entrance

  • The contact person comes out -- it IS Kei's wallet!

  • We proceed to McDo at Q.Ave. to wait for Ma
  • At the table next to us is Leo

  • Ma arrives at 11am, as scheduled
  • I order lunch
  • We wait for Joe-e

  • 12:45pm, and still no Joe-e
  • Ma says we should wait outside
  • Joe-e arrives at 1pm
  • Quick! To the trike!

  • We arrive at ABS-CBN
  • Aldwin is already inside
  • Again with the thermal scanning

  • WE'RE IN!
  • There's that familiar-looking guy again

  • We all go to the dressing rooms
  • We're given forms to fill up
  • We strike up a conversation with some college students from Pampanga
  • Aldwin's mom learns that taping starts at 5pm!
  • We go out to eat
  • There's that familiar-looking guy again
  • He runs up to us, and introduces himself as Cholo from the Folding Water book launch! So that's where I saw him! That was just 2 weeks ago, and I already forgot!
  • Turon!
  • Joe-e buys bottled water for the college students from Pampanga
  • We go back to the dressing rooms

  • We all go to the studio, where the players for the 1st episode are already suited up
  • The set is being tested
  • All the reserves go up the stage for a briefing about the set
  • The 1st episode begins!
  • Yellow team, a team of middle-aged sisters, wasn't able to answer and wasn't eliminated and will return next episode
  • After the Taranta Round, all reserve players were called to the dressing room, where the next set of players will be announced
  • We hoped to be picked for the next episode, since the 3rd and last episode would end near midnight
  • We weren't picked. Among those picked were Cholo's team, another team of UPD alumni, Lou's team and Leo's team
  • Mmeal stubs were distributed and we ate dinner

  • We go back to the studio to watch the 2nd episode
  • Cholo's team gets eliminated in the Elimination Round
  • Yellow team, a team of middle-aged sisters, wasn't able to answer and wasn't eliminated and will return next episode -- again! Also, Lou's Green team
  • Leo's team gets eliminated in a Taranta Round tie-breaker

  • We're called back to the dressing room to wait for the next selection of teams
  • Reimbursements for transportation expenses!
  • We heard that the UPD team, Violet, won
  • Some players were joking around, asking whether anyone was willing to take on the UPD guys
  • Announcement of selected teams: WE'RE IN!
  • I was telling Aldwin and Joe-e that I hoped we be assigned Black team, so we'd have generic looking jackets we could take home
  • This was around 9pm

  • We suit up! We were assigned ORANGE

  • Joe-e and Aldwin put me in the middle, so i'd be the one to answer
  • We test the set
  • One of Grey team's buzzers is broken, and they had to replace it, after taking too long to repair
  • The waiting makes me nervous

  • Episode starts!
  • Thriller dance FAIL

  • Eliminations!
  • 3 teams already qualify, only 1 more team will be selected
  • Joe-e and I bang against the metal barrier which dropped too late -- that hurt!
  • Yellow team gets eliminated
  • We're the 4th team to get in!

  • More briefing
  • Joe-e and Aldwin chose me to answer in case of a tie breaker

  • Taranta Round starts
  • Seat is not ergonomic, my back hurt when we were lowered
  • The question is: Mindanao cities?? Bummer!
  • I get picked to answer first!
  • Water in the face (and glasses) sucks! Couldn't read the choices for around 2 seconds
  • "Digos!"
  • Violet team makes a mistake: Jolo is not a city!
  • Joe-e and Aldwin answer correctly -- WE'RE IN!
  • Lou's Green team gets in as well

  • We were given towels to dry ourselves, and they powder us up a bit
  • We get on the thingies, and we test sensors -- I don't really get when and why swipes don't register somehow.. I decided to bend my knees a bit when I swipe

  • Diskarte Round starts!
  • Joe-e answers first
  • I make the 1st mistake! Sucks!
  • Lou gets the 10K! *gasp*
  • I send Lou Back To Base!
  • Lou passes question to Aldwin, who has yet to answer -- Aldwin knew the answer! Q: US president during Cuban Missile Crisis 1962 -- A: JFK
  • Joe-e passes question to Ayean, Q: which philippines peso bill has "Saligang Batas" -- Ayean answers P100, which is wrong! A: P20
  • Joe-e makes Aldwin advance
  • Joe-e and I are maxed!
  • Lou makes a big mistake -- he didn't send either of us Back To Base!
  • Joe freezes Lou, and maxes Aldwin
  • WE WIN!

  • Break, then briefing about next round
  • Companions and reserve players are sent out of studio

  • We play a mock Jackpot Round -- I sucked! I didn't say "Sure na!", I didn't put my hand back to my chest

  • The real Jackpot Round starts!
  • Aldwin is quick on "Mine!", gets first 3 questions!
  • We pass on the 4th
  • I answer the next question, an NBA question
  • Jjoe-e answers the next question, on fashion
  • We bonk the last question: Aling laruan ang inimbento ng isang karpintero sa Denmark noong 1932?
  • We answered train, despite knowing it was wrong.. We just knew that we were running out of time
  • Joe-e immediately turns to me and asks: wasn't it Lego?
  • Edu reveals that last question first: the answer is Lego!

  • WIIIIIN!!!


Maaan! Remembering it now still makes my heart beat a little faster!

Yo, Joes!

Kei and I watched G. I. Joe with Joe-e and Aldwin yesterday, Saturday, at Gateway.

[Spoilers ahead?]

Some thoughts:

1) Mike already pointed this out last week: ice is not supposed to sink. So I kinda caught someone utter "tons of ice and metal" when the icepack was blown up. They did say that lots of tunnels and stuff ran through the ice. Is that enough metal to bring down humungous chunks of ice?

2) A lot of movements are messed up! Skidding a speeding jetski to a halt within just a couple of meters?

3) Snake Eyes' mask has lips! What the--?! Taking after Optimus Prime?? Doesn't work.

4) Why the heck was Storm Shadow teary-eyed in the plane?

5) Will there be no Baroness for the sequel?

6) Submarines move like water is air -- WTF!

7) Scottish accents are always welcome!

8) Maybe it was because I watched The Ballad of G.I. Joe before the movie, but I was kinda biased against the movie cast. Come on, it's hard to top The Ballad.

9) I agree with Kei's comment: "ang daming olats moments ng G.I. Joes!" For a team of elite soldiers they sure screw up a lot.

10) Great action! But it didn't feel one bit like G.I. Joe. You could've called them "Alpha Team" (like they did half the time) all-throughout, and it would've still worked. No tinge of nostalgia nor patriotism was invoked.

Friday, August 14, 2009

This Is Just Wrong

Seen from Ayala Ave. at Bench at Glorietta 5:

They want you to "Fight the Economy"?! What?? Isn't the economy starting to recover already? They want to bring the economy down?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why I Still Need To Get A Clear Copy Of Our GKNB Episode

(I wrote this 5 days ago today, way back in August 8, 2009, Saturday. I just saved it as a draft, and I only remembered to publish it today. *rolls eyes*)

1) A lot of our friends still haven't watched it! (Kei's officemate's friend who stays in Singapore recorded the TFC broadcast and uploaded it YouTube! Here are links to Parts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.)

2) Kei and I missed it! August 7, 2009, Friday, was the date of Iselle's wedding, which I wouldn't miss: Kei was singing (for the bridal march and the contract signing)!

3) My immediate family missed it! As early as 9am, something went wrong with the local cable provider (in LB). They had to do some repairs for most of the day. Kuya Paul quickly thought of buying a TV antenna, but they still didn't get good reception. They had to settle for extremely grainy images. They tried watching it streamed online but, lo and behold!, it was the perfect time for the Internet connection to go erratic! Wel spent a lot of time calling the PLDT hotline yet again.


So I need a HIGH quality version of our episode, if only for the sole reason of my parents' eyes not being able to take poor quality streaming versions. (As of August 10, 2009, Monday, my boss gave me a DVD of our episode that he recorded at home! Thanks, Sir Steven!)

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Old Faces

I'm home in LB for today's holiday.

Just because I felt like going out, I went to Robinson's at around 6pm, right after I asked Ma if we needed anything from the supermarket.

Since I wasn't in any hurry, I tried to think of what I could do or where I could go to pass the time. I then remembered that, after several years, the arcade is back at the lowest level of the mall, so I went to have a peek.

It was.. mm.. nothing special. I walked around and saw it only had 1 Tekken machine that supports 2 players, and it was Tekken 5. There was this Tekken Tag Tournament machine, but it only had 1 set of controls. I went to the token booth and bought some at 6-pesos a-piece. I played with a bunch of tall kids who I'd guess were in high school. After my last game, one of them went up to me and asked me a question I didn't get at first. I looked up to his face and he repeated the question:

"Kuya, kayo yung sa Vega dati?"

I remember the guy! :-o

"Kami yung mga bata dun dati."

It was one of the twins that used to hang out with Ford back when the arcade at Vega Centre was still in business!

I left shortly after. I went to the supermarket, and on my way to pay at the cashier, another familiar face passed in front of me. It was our History I professor back in our very first semester in UPLB, Prof. Diestro, looking *exactly* how he did 11 years ago!

It was pleasant to have seen faces I didn't really take notice of after so many years, especially since these past days made me get into a reminiscing kind of mood.

(UPDATE) Look, Ma, I'm On TV!

Due to ABS-CBN's near-whole-day coverage of the late, former-President Corazon Aquino (R.I.P.), GAME K N B? was not aired today. This means that our episode will be aired one day later, on August 7, 2009, Friday.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

It's (Almost) Game Time!

Here's a recounting of the events that transpired from July 16 to July 21, 2009.

I won't be posting the entire account -- yet. =p

I'll be updating this once in a while, until I've added all the details I can remember. =)



July 16, 2009

  • Joe-e receives call from Aldwin. Aldwin was picked for the screening for Game K N B? and he was looking for teammates. The screening was on 9am the next day.
  • Joe-e asks around the office, I stay silent
  • Joe-e asks me, I think about it
  • I agreed!
  • We arrange to meet at 8am at the Q.Ave. MRT station

  • Kei's wallet is lost! :(


July 17, 2009

  • I wake up at 5:30am
  • I arrive at McDo below the Q.Ave. MRT station at 7:30am
  • I have my breakfast while reading Folding Water
  • Joe-e notifies me that Aldwin has arrived at 8am
  • I get up to meet Aldwin
  • We wait for Joe-e
  • A group of people are at an adjacent table, 3 of them get up and go. I assumed that they were also going to the screening
  • Joe-e arrives. It was already 8:45am.
  • It's raining outside!

  • We take a trike to the center gate of ABS-CBN
  • A LOT of people are packed under tarp tents inside the gate.
  • We wait a bit.
  • People arrive in groups of 3. Players, too, obviously.
  • We get in and seek shelter under the tents
  • there's this guy who looks veeeery familiar. he also looks at me like I looked familiar.
  • We wait some more.

  • Eventually, we move to yet another tent, nearer to the studio gates.
  • We fall in line for thermal scanning.

  • We walk to Studio 9, where Aldwin, as texter, goes to a separate queue for registration
  • there's that familiar-looking guy again
  • We're in the studio!
  • We fill up info sheets
  • We are given a written test: part 1 is a 10-item IQ test, part 2 is a 10-item trivia quiz
  • We submit our papers. They tell us that we can wait for 30 minutes or so for the results
  • Very weak cell signal inside the studio -- but Joe-e can GPRS!
  • Joe-e researches the answers to the tough trivia questions -- we have 3 definitely wrong answers!
  • They announce those who passed the test. We passed!
  • The others were sent home. We were told to go have lunch and be back for the mock games at 1:30pm.
  • We were the 1st batch, and there were still a lot of people waiting in line
  • We had lunch at The Loop.
  • there's that familiar-looking guy again

  • We went back to the studio gates at 1:30pm
  • there's that familiar-looking guy again
  • We got in again, and waited by Studio 9 with the passers of the 2nd batch
  • we were waiting for the last batch to come out of the studio. turns out they were the 3rd batch.
  • after the studio was cleared, we went back in by batch
  • when they saw that there were a lot of passers, the 2nd batch was sent home
  • several names were called from the 3rd batch. they were teams who came from provinces (tarlac, pampanga, laguna). the rest from the 3rd batch who were not called were sent home.
  • the provincial teams were given a choice whether they would stay or go home early. work was already suspended early due to heavy rains.
  • the provincial teams were advised to stay, so their trip would not be wasted. they stayed.
  • a lengthy briefing
  • start of mock games! but just for the diskarte round. i thought we would use the actual set. instead, they marked the stage with masking tape to indicate the "bases".
  • two teams at a time were called to play a mock diskarte round, until they reach 10 questions or, more, until each player has successfully answered a question
  • several personalities already stand out in the mock games, including Leo (and his cleavage) and Lou (and his booming "Sugod Ako!")
  • in between games, more briefing on the mechanics of the other rounds
  • Joe-e noticed that most of the first to be called were those from the 3rd batch
  • and, yes, we were only called near the end

  • question #1: saang UAAP team naglaro si Chris Tiu?
  • I clapped first!
  • And I forgot the answer.
  • "La Salle?"
  • WRONG!

  • question #2: anong US TV show ang host si supermodel Heidi Klum?
  • I clapped first again! I must redeem myself!
  • "America's Next Top Model!"

  • on with the game...

  • on with the rest of the teams..

  • a bit more briefing
  • each player can bring along 2 companions
  • they say that we'd be notified 2 days before taping, and expect it in around 2 weeks

  • we go home
  • it was almost 6pm


July 18, 2009

  • I am at Kei's
  • Joe-e calls
  • We go back to the studio on Tuesday! call time is 1pm!

  • I txt Ma


July 20, 2009

  • Kei is granted her leave!

  • Kaye informs Kei that Francis heard on the radio while in a taxi: someone found Kei's wallet and surrendered it to GMA/dzBB!

  • Vic wishes me luck. WTH


Monday, August 03, 2009

Look, Ma, I'm On TV!

This week is GAME K N B? week.

Starting tomorrow, August 4, 2009, Tuesday, until August 6, 2009, Thursday, you can watch Kei and Ma join the show's studio audience!

On August 6, 2009, Thursday, watch as Aldwin, Joe-e and myself nervously and awkwardly play through our very first TV game show!