Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Doggone It

Kei noticed my new title and said that she found it amusing. :)

[15:42] Keilyn: Nakakaaliw yung title ng bago mong blog ;))
[15:42] Nikki: :-"
[15:42] Keilyn: bakit iyon? :P
[15:42] Nikki: LSS
[15:42] Nikki: :p
[15:43] Keilyn: LSS?
[15:43] Keilyn: bakit? kanta ba yun? ;))
[15:43] Keilyn: syempre, yan na naman yung mga kanta mo na di ko alam
[15:43] Keilyn: hehe
[15:44] Nikki: ;))
[15:44] Nikki: Simon & Garfunkel na kanta yun
[15:44] Nikki: Th 59th Street Bridge Song :)
[15:44] Keilyn: :D
[15:44] Keilyn: di ko nga alam
[15:44] Keilyn: :P
[15:46] Nikki: ;))


--Interruption to my recaps--

Tiring and trying day!

Since last week, we were already planning to send our dogs, Janvit and KC (our new puppy, named after our (late) favorite pet dog), to the VetMed college for their anti-rabies shots this week, VetMed Week. I volunteered to handle Janvit, and Wel would take KC (... after more than a decade, I have always thought that our (late) favorite pet dog's name was spelled "Casey" -- until a couple of weeks ago, when my eldest brother spelled it "KC" in a text message.. I am sad).

So, this morning, after Ma checked with the VetMed animal hospital for their schedule, we prepared to go there. Ma got out Janvit's record, and went out to try and borrow a churchmate's jeepney. Earlier, we didn't have any plans on how to bring the dogs to the animal hospital. By default, Wel and I were going to walk the dogs. We also considered taking a tricycle. Anyway, Ma returned and said that the jeep was on its way.

The jeep arrived and parked in front of our gate. We quickly got the dogs by their leashes and went out. A minor delay -- KC didn't want to get out of the gate! I carried her on to the back of the jeep, and we went on our way. Right after the jeep started, KC scampered under the seat! We assumed she would be alright there, and let her be. Janvit, on the other hand, was terrible. He kept shifting and moving back and forth, and I had to restrain him, or he might jump of the side of the jeep! We were worried that he would be that restless for the entire trip. Unfortunately, we completely underestimated him. Once we got to the highway, he became beyond restless -- he was doing his crazy thing! He kept trying to get on the seats and kept barking at people and cars, and I had to make sure that I had a firm grip on his leash and on him! I merely tried to ignore the drool all over my arms and legs -- the drool was somehow bearable (I wipe it off his fur), but its stink was horrible. Alas, there was nothing I could do.

We arrived at the animal hospital in a while, and I was partly relieved. Janvit got off the jeep quickly, and I had to carry KC again, this time, off the jeep. I was beginning to relax, now that we were back on the ground, when the owners of the jeep met with us -- they also brought their dog. Janvit + strange female dog == Doggie Hulk! Janvit went amok, and somehow got loose of his choker (which I told Ma earlier that it was tight enough.. sucks..). I was stunned. Janvit immediately went after the other dog's hind leg, flipping her on her back. She fought back, and from there, no one could go near them. Good for us, we were surrounded by a lots of student vets. This caucasian guy went after the brawling dogs with a broom, while another fetched a pail of water. After several splashes, the dogs finally calmed down.

I rushed to Janvit to get his chain back around his neck, this time, making sure that there would be no room to wriggle away. The other dog quickly hid behind a shrub. It turned out that she sustained puncture wounds on her hind legs. She was treated and prescribed some antibiotics. Janvit? We left him tied to a post, soaked on one side. It was the first time I was truly mad at him. In retrospect, I guess I was really mad at myself. Janvit wouldn't have turned out that way, if we spent more time with him when he was growing up. He grew up alone trapped in our yard, so he wasn't used to seeing other dogs, other people and other places that anything new to him will make him very excited. Well, that's that.

The anti-rabies shots were administered quickly. We stayed a bit longer, since we opted for KC to get some other shots. It was her first time at the vet, so she also had to be weighed and I was interviewed about her eating habits and general well-being. Those were done inside the hospital building. We left Janvit outside.

On our way home, Janvit was as loud and restless as he was earlier, although he did calm down a bit, half-way through the trip. Finally, he got exhausted.

Back home, I quickly took another bath. I stank. Like dog. Janvit drool was all over me and my clothes. I also had a lot of scratches in my arms.

It was already around 11:30am, after all that. I had a quick lunch, and I then went to work.


Light work here at the office. Light, but lots. Some urgent. All in all, not too stressful. :)


JAm said...

slow down you move too fast...

tagal ko ng di napapakinggan yun a. :P

jem said...

sa room yata namin nina jonas (or should that be room nating lahat?) laging pinapatugtog yun.

ain't you got no rhymes for me?