Monday, February 19, 2007

Catching Up

Of course, I have to give a lame excuse why I haven't posted for some time.

One word: WORK.

Some other words: Too much work eats up my PC time. I can only get online conveniently here at the office. So there.


Lots of missed calendar events. My January calendar is quite bare. :-"


I'm not really affected by this.. I just find it.. mm.. amusing?

I got home not-too-early-not-too-late one time, and I caught a commercial where they were promoting Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby's concert. People were pouring out of the venue, and they were being interviewed, just as we usually see for local movies. There were girls, middle-aged women, some elderly women and, of course, gay men. They were all raving about the concert. I saw this around a week after our carpool heard Mo Twister saying on the radio that: no straight guy would go and watch that concert. And Erik Santos shows up in the commercial saying that those two guys had talent.


This is old, but relieving news: the Naruto anime filler episodes are finally over!!!

One-and-a-half years of filler episodes.. What were they thinking?!

The manga is far ahead already, and events are *gasp* already progressing. Somehow, my interest in the story is coming back.


I took the "Which Superhero am I?" quiz again, and I came out AGAIN as Green Lantern. Bleh.


Time to go home (from the office, yeah)!

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mapet said...

welcome back! naruto goodness!!! :D