Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I Am Now 100000 Years Old

Y'know, in binary.

So, yeah, I'm now 32 years old, at exactly this time, 3:30pm.


I'm one year older, not that much wiser.  I try not to worry too much.  I used to overthink a lot of things, but over the past couple of years, I've learned to sometimes just let things go.  It was hard, learning that.  The result, feeling lighter and happier, is definitely worth it.

But, man, do I feel older.


I feel I'm quite happy at work.  There were a few bumps on the road we had to deal with, sadly.  I also feel I could've done more, been more productive.  I also miss doing development work, coding.  But, overall, I'm really not that disappointed.  I'm a bit bummed about not getting a raise this year, though.  :-p


So this year saw us move into a new home.  Kei and I are enjoying living by ourselves.  We've buffed up the place over the past 4 months we've been here -- new sofa, picture frames, and other fixtures and furnishings.  The chores, however, do have a tendency to feel like, errrr..  chores.  I only really sweep when there's already an undeniable feeling of filth (read: visible) when I walk barefoot.  That's around every 2 weeks.  Heh.


Now that we have our own place, we're already expecting visits from family.  Kei's family is coming this July.  Mama and Tita Alice are coming on September.  I'm really excited to have guests -- to help out with the chores.  XD

Kei and our baby

Kei told me last night:  this will be my last birthday that I don't have a baby.  Our baby is due next month!  We're both very, very excited and, at the same time, very, very anxious.  Kei's pregnancy is going well, for the most part, so I'm confident that she'll breeze through labor and delivery.

I can't wait for Baby Elise to start walking and talking!  I want to teach her so many things.  Things that do not involve Disney princesses and fairies and dolls and purple dinosaurs and touch screen devices.  Things like building blocks and puzzles and old-school physical games and letters and numbers and math!  Math and stories and imagination!  We'll watch Super Book and Flying House and Powerpuff Girls and Phineas and Ferb and Bill Nye, the Science Guy!  What fun!