Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Recap == Recapitulate


November through January were extremely busy months at work. Hardly had anything done on the side. A few things that I can recall (yes, yes, my memory sucks..):

Christmas stuff

My next eldest brother got us a DVD of the first season of The Medium. I wasn't able to watch all the episodes, but from what I could gather, it was interesting. Psychic District Attorney's consultant is a bit, uhh, un-original, but it isn't always about the originality. :D

Of course, who could forget about the gifts! This is the first, real gift-giving Christmas for me! I actually went Christmas shopping (with Kei, of course :D)! I only got a few gifts, but I didn't mind. I didn't even expect most of them, and most, I really wanted to have. :) I got a new polo from Kei, which I really liked, because it was 5w337. :D I got a coin purse from Fred, and I've been planning to buy one for a couple of months before then. :) I got a pillow from my boss, which I'm conveniently using here at work (Ma even made a pillow case for it! :D). I got a pair or jeans from *gasp* Kei's mom (who was still working in Hong Kong)! Who could ever expect that! And we haven't even met in person! It was a very good fit, and I'm actually wearing it right now. :D I got a violet shirt from my sister. Bleh.


College buddies' reunion with Doc Muriel, our benefactor during our early college years (before *ehem* I blew it.. :p) I was really glad to see the guys again, though I didn't expect the headcount to be that low. Met and ate at Tang City at Glorietta, and later we moved to the lobby lounge of Shangri-La, where Doc was staying. We met his wife there, and some diplomat, whose nationality I can't remember right now. DotA with Aidz, Po, Chico, Jonas and Leks afterwards. :D I don't want to admit it, but Po was REALLY good. :p

End of January, Frank and Ria got married! :D It was a very nice wedding, very simple and solemn, it didn't look flashy -- and everyone else wore a barong. I didn't being underdressed, though. I was too uncomfortable, because I wasn't used to being with some of those in the crowd. Good thing that Cel came. :) Went home earlier than the others, with Cel and Jem. Jon dropped us off somewhere along EDSA, and from there, Cel went his own way to *ehem* work, while Jem and I got on a bus to Alabang, to go home. Coolness. :)

Badminton Saturday!

Inee and Kaye organized a badminton session for the first Saturday of February. The meeting place was *chuckle* our place. :) Inee came first (and on time!) at 10am. :) Kaye was next, then Ryan, then Fred, Herlin and Tina, and, last (but the best on my list! :D) came Kei. :) We played at Smash Box, just by the entrance to Marymount Subdivision. Physical exertion, yeah! I really miss sports. :) Afterwards, we had lunch at Big Dad's at the LB Square, home of the best sisig I ever had! :D We stuffed ourselves silly, and when we got the bill, we were surprised that it was only P500+! For the quantity and quality of the food, it would have cost us twice or maybe thrice in Makati. :D

That's all for now, since I still have the drive to work. :p

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