Friday, February 29, 2008


Jump! Jump! Jump!

Thursday, February 28, 2008


"iPod shuffle. Now just $49.", says Apple. Cool. I was willing to buy the thing when it was twice as expensive.

I hope they drop iPhone prices again soon! >:)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Time Lapse

I did a double take on my personal time logs.

I've been tagging the dates since Feb. 15 with the year 2005.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Blank Stares..

..are what my monitors get from me..

Yeah, monitors. I have two workstations here at work (WinXP and XUbuntu), and I like it! Supposedly, my teammate and I should be working on Linux, but our old Windows machines haven't been revoked yet. I hope we do keep them. The load per machine has considerably lessened, and it feels really great to no longer wait for Eclipse or Aptana to respond!

Anyway, my brain doesn't want to work. I try to rev my figurative engines, but all I get are sputters.

My teammate and I are expecting a bulk of work to be assigned to us in a while. I would have enjoyed it last week, when I could still think.

I hate it when I can't work despite wanting to.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Yyyyyup, Still Alive

Almost 3 months since I last posted. =p

Most bloggers try to avoid bullet points -- but I don't! Bwahahaha!

What's up?

» Mark mirrored his blog in Multiply?!

Although I already reacted (quite aversely -- his Blogger blog had over 300 posts and my Multiply account had email notifications turned on, so just at the time when I was checking my mail on my cellphone, I had 369 new messages in my Inbox! A dozen of those notifications actually fell into Spam.. Nice one.. =p), I haven't asked him why. I don't think stuff like that needs to be justified.. Hehehe..

» Mike shares A LOT OF STUFF from the intarwebz..

His blog is quiet -- his Google Reader Shared Items ROOAAARRR!!!

» I have a new job. I started way back in November, marked by a very annoying, almost negligible and lame post. =p

  • I finally convinced Caesar to give our company a chance! =D

  • Randell, whom I worked with in my previous job, is back to being my officemate! =p

  • When I first joined the company, I was the only one from UPLB. Now there are 4 of us! =D

  • I've been into Java since way back in college. This year, I'm hitchhiking on the Ruby on Rails bandwagon. =p

  • PhRUG (Philippine Ruby Users' Group) held their last meet-up at our office! It was cool! There was pizza even! =D

» With the new job in Bonifacio Global City, I actually survived 2 months of commuting to work -- from LB! >_<

And after those 2 months, I finally have a place to stay in Makati!

» A-ha! I join the likes of Mike, Kaye and Randell..

I bought a PSP last week! Serves me well, since I'm away from my PC at home.. =p Free wi-fi at Burger King Glorietta, yey!

» I still like (fake) tennis..

But the live action Prince of Tennis movie was disappointing (except for seeing the special moves "in real life"..).

So, I reeeaaally like Virtua Tennis 3 for the PSP.

  • Federer was beatable in the World Tour compared to a Very Hard Exhibition match.

  • Juan Carlos Ferrero was a nightmare for my player! I couldn't beat him! His description in the game was Strong Forehand, if I recall correctly, but it should have been Technical Player! I hate his drop shots and stupid lobs. Despite my animosity, I learned a lot from his play style.

  • My preferred doubles partners were Nadal and Hingis. Because I also prefer them in real life. =p

  • I like how the game had special dialogue to the player I beat the most (Nalbandian, who emphasizes that he hasn't beaten me yet =p).

» Tekken 6 was released in the Philippines -- earlier than in North America and Europe!

Thanks, Namco! =D I've only tried the game one night/three games, but the only thing I didn't like was how the characters were too shiny. But Nap said that that was how we saw the PS2 version of TTT, so we would probably get used to it soon. Yoshimitsu (punch costume) scared me!

» I have a new nephew!

Ate gave birth to Ash last week! =) (I didn't bother visiting during the long weekend?! :-o)

» New puppy!

Ma named her Jenny. She's hyper!

» This is an old pet peeve: I can't post on Blogger on the Opera Mini!

So when I wanted to post something, I had to do so via email. Not that I've been blogging much recently. =p

These aren't even good bullet-points!

I KNOW I missed a lot of stuff (intentionally? subconsciously? =p), but this is already a lot for a comeback post! Not a lot of details but still a lot of: BULLET-POINTS!