Friday, March 25, 2011

Up And About

Man, it feels nice to.. uhmm.. not feel bad.

This past week, I've had quite awful nights.  My body ached and felt stiff, and my hip threatened to act up again. I'm glad I didn't force myself and rested early.  I actually (foolishly?) over-stayed in the office, and when I got home, I had nothing else in mind but dress down, hit the sack, and end my day.

A lot of my planned activities had to be shelved for a while.  I had to accept that some social network backlog, I needed to ignore (which comes pretty easy these days).

I did enjoy the extra rest I had.  However, I really miss how sharp and active I could stay way into the night.  This growing old thing?  I, fortunately, don't have the extra energy to feel bad about.