Tuesday, February 03, 2009

PSP Tekken - TV Out using iRShell

I tested the latest iRShell release's new feature: TV Out for the PSP Slim!

Before the iRShell update, I tested using the FuSa plugin. FuSa worked well enough for all the homebrew apps I tried and for some games. The biggest disappointment with FuSa was that it couldn't handle Tekken! Tekken was extremely slow..

The news of AhMan returning to update iRShell came out last week, but I only had the time to test it now. And Tekken works with almost no lag!!! I've yet to see how multiplayer mode fares, though..

One thing FuSa had over iRShell, however, is full-screen display on the TV.


I would have like to show how an arcade match performed, but I was home alone and nobody could hold my cellphone for me while I played. My phone had to be held quite close to the TV for the display to show some detail. But the video showing decent framerate is good enough for me (FuSa's framerate really sucked!). =D


Anonymous said...

dude.. whenever i use the tv out, the screen becomes black and white and it just becomes a mess on the tv.. what's wrong?

Nikki! said...

Uhmm... Make sure you plugged the jacks correctly.. You get a noisy video if you plug the audio out jack into the video socket..

What kind of TV do you have, by the way? iRShell's TV out feature is for non-HDTVs.