Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Sifting through the stuff that have accumulated in my pants' back pocket, I found a sheet of paper whose contents I wrote during the last days of 2008, after I woke up feeling extraordinarily refreshed.  Written all over it was:


- I was in a light mood.

- I watched events with interest.

- I could act childishly, speak tactlessly without any regret.

- I could run out the door without my stuff being fully-packed, and I would be skipping because I haven't put on my shoes all the way.

- I would skid over gravel and sand with my new shoes and, partially stumbling, I'd get my arms all covered in dust -- even if I'd just washed my hands less than a minute ago.

Oh, man.

How great it felt!

Now, that's one dream I'd like to see fulfilled.


Don't sweat the small stuff
-- but that doesn't mean they should be ignored

Stop overthinking stuf!
-- I haven't seen a worry-wart that's sooo happy, too.

Write stuff down!
-- You know your memory's bad.

There is ALWAYS something to laugh about
-- Find that little bugger!


Don't read Mike's Shared Stuff (and Plurk?) until 6pm (5pm?)


I want:
- PC RAM (+2GB?  or 2x2GB?)
- PSP Memstick (8GB?)


- It's not good to hold it in!

- I regret being so regretful!


Anonymous said...

hi to nap! he's my batchmate at LB. psp mem stick first, did you get god of war chains of olympus? i <3 gow, just waiting for gow3 on the ps3. hehe.

Nikki! said...

I'm placing the PSP Memstick on the bottom of my priorities list. =p

Yup, I got Chains of Olympus, and YES it was great! =D