Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Pet Peeves

Vehicles that are "For Registration"

COME ON.  Your car isn't licensed yet -- you CAN'T drive it now.

The only way this should be excused is when it's on its way to actually get registered. But I've spotted "For Registered" *plates* on lots of vehicles stuffed with passengers and baggage -- were they going to camp at the LTO?


It's been pointed out by a lot:  words keep getting shortened, these days.

Not that I don't abbreviate ever, and I admit that I sometimes find it amusing ("Ped Xing"? Really? Who thought of that?!).

But, sometimes, it just gets in the way of understanding what you read.

You get used to it, too.  I remember, just a couple of weeks ago, reading "how apt" as "how apartment"..


Aren't you annoyed that Wolverine's claws in cartoons are USELESS in combat?

He's supposed to be this violent, uncontrollable beast, but when he's supposedly on a rampage and he's about to swipe at someone, that guy catches his hands?!

Reminds me of how I felt seeing Leonardo's katanas always missing or getting blocked..


Anonymous said...

hmm kala ko ung for registration, registered ung kotse pero wala pang plate number. ksi ung saken wala ako plate number for 1 month pero may sticker ako na registered ung vehicle ko.

Nikki! said...

Sticker na registered -- pero hindi yung tulad ng iba na sa cardboard lang nakasulat na For Registration.. >_<