Sunday, February 08, 2009

I'm Sorry (But Not Really)

Angel's last blog post says:

Browse through Nikki's Reader Shared Items (feel sad that there's only a few of them)


Check Nikki's Reader Shared Items (feel sad that there's nothing new just when I thought I needed them most - to help me procrastinate)


I'm sorry that I let you down..  =p

But I'm not that sorry since I've cut down on sharing stuff intentionally.  I've, so far, succeeded in staying away from Mike's Shared Stuff (which has also shrunk significantly, recently  =p) during workdays.  I've also unsubscribed from a number of feeds since December.

I'm trying to keep off the flooder/spammer label I've had last year..  =D


angel said...

Sorry, wala na pala yung forthemail.

That's alright. You're not that sorry anyway :p But I was only kidding when I said "Nikki the flooder" over text message when I wanted to know whose Nikki number was it (yours or the Ate-Niki housemate's)

I hope more people could share stuff though.

Nikki! said...

Then you gotta get in contact with this Mike guy! XD

The stuff I share are mostly filtered off his huge shared items list!

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