Friday, June 29, 2007

Not The Usual Way..

..of link-spamming. =p


The Most Beautiful Machine (

Funny! It's a trunk/chest, and when you press the button that opens it, a while later, a prosthetic arm/hand comes out and closes it! Would like to see this in a "haunted" house.. =D

If Fire Were Water (

Really cool pics showing stuff usually afire, now a-water. =p I really liked the high-level of detail, especially the fine ripples. You could easily imagine the water flowing (upward, in this case). The condensation on the Zippo lighter was a nice touch. =)

Is the Sun from another galaxy? (

This article debunks the article from a previous link I posted ( claiming that our Solar System actually came from another galaxy, and the Milky Way just stole it. =p

Pit Bull vs. Porcupine (

Can't add any more words. =p

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