Friday, June 29, 2007

Keyboard Pet Peeve No More!

The stock keyboard that came with my PC has this annoying extra button labeled "Macro" just beside the Right Shift button. However, due to this extra button, the Right Shift button is now shorter. Not only that, but the darned Macro button was mapped to type a Backslash! Whenever I miss the Right Shift button, I get something like "\please" or " \instead".

Earlier today, I have finally found a free utility to remap any keyboard button!

Enter AutoHotKey (

It's a cool utility that manages all standard input devices: keyboard, mouse and joystick. With it, you can create macros and can auto-expand abbreviations (ala programming IDE templates). It runs on plain-text script files, but it also has a compiler which generates a script's corresponding executable (.exe) file that can be used on computers that don't have it installed.

Now that darned Macro key has been re-mapped to Right Shift. =D

So cool. I definitely have no other use for it, but it's still pretty cool. =)

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