Sunday, June 17, 2007

Am I Too Old?

Am I already washed-up as a developer?

I had almost the entire day to spend on my PC.

I played with Ubuntu a bit. I finally got WarCraft 3 to work fine with Wine. Before, it didn't render well, and was very slow. It turned out that 3D acceleration wasn't turned on. I don't know why I thought that it would be enabled by default. Now I know what to do at the newly set-up Linux box at the office. =p

For most of the day, I decided to actually do something productive with my PC. I wanted a PC at home primarily because I wanted to have free PC time to learn new stuff as a developer and maybe do a project on the side, if I feel like it. However, since I bought the PC, all I did with it was read comics and manga, watch stuff, play and chat. I didn't even get back to blogging regularly.

So, I started with reading about the very popular Spring Framework. I have already been introduced to its core concepts, and I can pretty much describe what it can do. However, what I knew was very shallow. I wouldn't be able to visualize a project using it, much less build one. Right now, I'm still at the level of introductions to its core components. I have four pieces of reading material open, since whenever I get stuck in a paragraph, I look for another article which I hope would be simpler to read -- but, alas, I would get stuck in a paragraph as well.

It's getting frustrating, because I don't think the problem is about Spring, but instead about me learning new technical stuff.

But, for now..

Why can't I think in Spring??


Hannah Grace said...

Uhh... No help from here. No answers either. I have always been incapable of learning technical stuff. At least the in depth really understand type of learning. It still escapes me how you people do it. Hope you break the block though.

Celedor said...

Yesterday, you were still young enough. It's today that you grew too old. ;)

On a more serious note, I think that we are simply used to having mastery over what we have learned to do. This makes us impatient when learning new things, because we immediately expect to be as good with it as we were with what we currently do. I think that we simply need to be more patient and eventually, will learn whatever it is we're trying to learn.

Nikki! said...