Sunday, March 16, 2008

I Will Spoil You!

*** SPOILER ALERT! (expires at around 2pm later today) ***

Pacquiao won his rematch over Marquez on a surprising split decision!

We at home were quite relieved that Pacquiao still won, after his very shaky performance and his lack of aggression in the 12th round. Marquez's cut over his right eye was ugly, but it was started by a headbutt. We thought Pacquiao's attempt to "counter [punch] the counter [puncher]" failed miserably! Marquez was obviously the more accurate puncher, landing punches on Pacquiao's cut with great timing. I was actually scared for Pacquiao after his cut opened up, and especially when he seemed to careful about it.

We also sympathize with Marquez when he expressed disappointment that Pacquiao did not want a rematch. And I winced a lot during Pacquiao's interview (an extra wince for Chavit's presence).

We watched the match on our local cable provider's channel, live with no commercial breaks! Aaand I don't think I'm spoiling it for anybody else, since I'm expecting those who are watching the delayed telecast to still be glued to your TV sets.. or not.. =p

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Anonymous said...

Dapat may rematch. Corny yung panalo pag split decision lang tapos by 1 point pa.