Thursday, March 20, 2008


Saw this in the bus this morning, on my way home from Makati..

Young Jennifer Connelly FTW!
Young Jennifer ConnellyYoung Jennifer Connelly

The vid in the bus had subtitles of the lyrics -- which somehow mesmerized me into nodding to the beat.. and almost lip synching! @_@

Maybe it was because they sounded like girls, and I had trouble putting it together with the sight of the blonde mullet guy's creepy smile..

A YouTube comment: "Can u get more g-- then that ? like lord of the g--?"

The limp arm waving a pointed finger (1:06)
Brother Louie - Waving pointed finger

"Brother Louie, Louie, Louie! Oooh, Doin' what he's doin'.." ..this guy has a creepy smile.. (1:22)
Brother Louie - Raised fist

"Forever.. EVER.." ..creepy stare! (1:59)
Brother Louie - Looking away

Tag team creepiness.... ..and blonde mullet guy is still doing his fist-thing.. (2:48)
Brother Louie - Taking turns

While taking screenshots, I didn't try to seek to the exact frame.. I went back for, not just a couple of, but several seconds before and re-played it again and again and again... gaaaaaahhh!

I have it on Firefox, on IE and on a downloaded FLV version at the same time....



mark said...

So if that other one is called rickrolling, what do we make of this one?

...Brother louie louie.

JAm said...

ahh yes... there was a time when my mom played this song everyday circa 1990. *shudders*

jem said...

nakakatakot yung direct stare nya sa camera. parang manghahalik. XD