Thursday, November 01, 2007

Can't Get Rid Of This Creepy Feeling

Woke up past 3:30am to the feeling of a cockroach creeping over and
biting my thigh. I flail my limbs around.

After surveying the area, I tried to get back to sleep. I figured I
might've just imagined it -- despite finding some mark under my thigh
that resembled a cockroach bite. It felt like one, too. But I did have
to wake up at 7am, since I'm meeting with Nap at 9am. I just wondered
whether one can have nightmares about feelings of touch. I shiver.

Just a couple of minutes later, I hadn't even closed my eyes yet, I
feel something crawl up my knee. More flailing of limbs. I look around
again and I actually find a medium-sized cockroach! I ran out of the
room to get the spray can of Baygon I had just near our doorway. I got
the roach in a single spray. Relief. For me.

I put back the spray can. As I turned around to get back into the
room, I see an almost identical cockroach! But it was different. It
was bathing in Baygon, but it just kept crawling away. It was able to
fall off six stair steps, withstanding five more sprayings, before
turning turtle. Not much relief for me.

I am now in another bed, in another room in the staffhouse, still
trying to ignore this feeling I have under my skin.

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