Saturday, August 18, 2007

Moar Linkz

Got this from Ruben (

A ‘fun’ experience for Tarantino aboard a ‘pedicab’ (


Believe it or not, this came from our big boss! ("break from work" pala, ha.. Sarap tuloy bawian ng 400 links! "Ma'am, break from work lang po!" *evil grin*)

20 USB Gizmos That Have No Place in the Enterprise (But You'll Love Just the Same) (


Can't remember where I got this:

The Future is Past! (


Move Over “Transformers” Here Comes “Voltron”! (

Comment listing more 80's shows being made into movies ( )

LOL @ The Rock as Johnny Bravo -- spot on!

Re: Alvin and the Chipmunks -- I saw a poster of it a few weeks back, and Dave was going to be portrayed by Jason Lee! I can already imagine him yelling, "Aaalviiiin!" *chuckle*


Something I'd like to show to Ed:

MS Paint Car - Pixelgod II (

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Anonymous said...

Wow, brutal nung Pixel God. Elibs ako ^_^ Hands down. -clem