Saturday, August 11, 2007

Animé Pet Peeve

DragonBallification, noun.

Using the combination of the following techniques -- IN A SINGLE ANIMÉ EPISODE:

  1. Pointless repetitive animation (a.k.a. stock footage) to lengthen a particular scene (most commonly, fight scenes)

  2. Scenes with excessive silence and *gasp* silent staring, probably to achieve a certain dramatic effect through supposed non-verbal understanding between characters

  3. Severely stretched out moments, most obvious in chase sequences where both parties are able to think or speak long lines during the chase (sometimes in several non-contiguous scenes) and the surroundings never seem to change, despite supposedly moving in insane speeds (and not going in circles)

Most associated with: Major fight scenes of Dragon Ball Z
Last observed in: Naruto Shippuuden Episode 24 ([1] Gai and Co.'s battles, Sakura's battle with lame geometric shapes; [2] Sakura's battle; [3] Naruto and Kakashi's chase)


I left out some other animé pet peeves (awkward poses/positioning of limbs is one other) since they aren't really attributed to Dragon Ball Z, but to animé in general.. Now I see that having a list of just 3 items is a bit awkward..

Anyway, I think these things are merely the result of poor translation of the scenes from the manga..

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