Sunday, July 01, 2007

A Tinge Of Geekiness

Greg Costikyan writes:
It really irritates me when people say things like "we don't need stars in the game industry." What they generally mean is "so-and-so acted like an idiot and I don't like that," or alternatively "I don't want to have to pay you more."

The fact is that, we have stars. We just don't acknowledge them. Which is why this is both hilarious and sad.

Follow the link (! It's an anecdote about the creators of MUD showing off to a kid gamer at a store -- 5w337! Now that is one thing I would just love to do..


Lots of quotes, some good, some bad:

The AlphaGrip AG-5 (,1697,1949084,00.asp): Nap and I were conceptualizing something like this a decade ago, but it was a general-purpose humanoid robot controller (read: mech/a) and not a keyboard replacement -- this is nothing, though: with what we had thought of then, you could twist the controller and it could represent something like pitch or yaw in a flight simulation and you still had something like the PlayStation controller's analog joysticks. This AlphaGrip thing is still kinda cool, if what the makers claim is true, where with around 30-60 hours of touch-typing practice, you could still reach 60 words-per-minute with it! =D


Review of a book about funny signs, with some examples:

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