Monday, August 16, 2010

Tekken Movie Reactions

I was able to watch the new Tekken movie courtesy of Mike.  Several minutes into the movie, I just had to take down some notes as it ran.  If I hadn't I would've just forgotten a lot of my reactions.  In hindsight, I guess it would've been better if I had timestamps per reaction.  =p

Here goes:

[Spoiler warning:  If you do watch the movie, your day will be spoiled!]

  • I'd let the lame backstory pass.
  • No respect for the characters whatsoever
    • Raven?  No hints of being a ninja?  Dead, just like that, in a gun fight, not in a match?
    • Steve?  No hints of being a boxer?
    • Christie?  Not capoeira?
    • Jacks?  Mere foot soldiers?  Jackhammers. Anvil. Yeah, yeah.
    • Dragunov -- since when was it spelled "Dragonov"??
      • And why does he look like he's always just about to laugh?
    • Nina didn't look cold enough.
  • The fighting styles aren't obvious!
    • They should be since they're a huge part of a fighting game character's personality!
  • Why insist on Kazuya's facial hair?  He would have looked great without it!
  • The bed scenes were totally unnecessary. Especially, Kazuya's.
  • Jin's portrayal is actually good!  Probably the only aspect that's properly done?
    • Well, almost -- Jon Foo's Irish accent is showing.
  • Bryan is good, too!
  • "Heihachi Mishima is dead"  --  CRAPPY DELIVERY!
    • Could've been a nice reference to the game
  • What's with the weapooons????
  • What's with Dragunov's "Hwoooaaah!" like he's Law or something?
  • Oh.  Raven's not dead.
  • Yeeees..  Jin is the right amount of emoooo..  :p
  • Why do they pronounce Miguel's last name Rojo as row-haw?
  • Wow, a pep talk from Raven?  *raises an eyebrow*
  • Finals already?  We didn't see Anna fight?
  • THAT'S NOT A MACH PUNCH -- that's Jin's move!
  • Why so many wall jumps??!!
  • People cheering at the TV now?  Way too lame, even for a kiddie movie nowadays.  And, this movie isn't supposed to be for kids.
  • Kazuya's attitude seems just right for his Tekken 2 phase, I guess.
  • Even Kazuya uses weapooooons..
  • Parang PBA championship lang kung magreact mga tao..
  • Cung Le's name was misspelled in the credits:  "Cung Lee"?
  • Bryan's name in the credits is "Brian"
  • Nice after credits extra scene!

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