Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blogging Then, Blogging Now


  • Only a few were online and connected to me (just my closest friends), so I had nobody to, uhh.. hide from.
  • I was a whiny nerd-boy.  I ranted a lot.  Luckily the lot were blind items.
  • I had little else to do.  Being online was a big part of my lifestyle then.


  • I have a lot more interesting things to do offline.
  • Professionally, I am not allowed to write about some things, however exciting they may be (goes for the opposite, too).
  • Practically everybody (officemates, family) is online.  I have to be tactful and mindful of what I write. Also, I *am* older now, and I have to act like it.


Prinsesa said...

I agree! Dati kahit anong naisip ko, kaya ko isulat. Ngayon I have to be mindful of my topics.

Pero, what does age have to do with blogging? :)

Nikki! said...

Haha! It would be unbecoming to post one-line raves or rants like: "OOOMMMGGG!!! TEkken movie will r0xX0r your s0xX0rz off!!" or "WWWTTTTFFF!!! Tekken movie was UUUGGGGLLLYYY" -- which I kinda used to do.. :p

K.L.Y.N said...

Is it coming-of-age moment or plain katamaran? :P

Ako naman, I attribute the lack of blog posts today to social networking and micro-blogging sites. It's easier to interact, and links/other blog posts are easier to follow. Well, aside from tinatamad na din ako magsulat. :P

Nikki! said...

Aha! When I said "blogging" I subconsciously included micro-blogging and social status updates (Plurk, FB, Twitter, etc)! So hindi (lang) talaga katamaran.. :p