Sunday, August 16, 2009

Game Time Recap

Hah! This is another draft that I forgot to post!

Here's the continued recounting of events surrounding our TV game show experience, which began here.


July 21, 2009


  • Kei and I leave early to pass by GMA to claim her wallet
  • We arrive at GMA at 10am, as scheduled
  • We were directed to the dzBB building across the street
  • We wait for the contact person
  • We meet him, and he takes us to another building where we wait again

  • Susan Enriquez comes out of the building; she is interviewed by some college girls right there at the building's entrance

  • The contact person comes out -- it IS Kei's wallet!

  • We proceed to McDo at Q.Ave. to wait for Ma
  • At the table next to us is Leo

  • Ma arrives at 11am, as scheduled
  • I order lunch
  • We wait for Joe-e

  • 12:45pm, and still no Joe-e
  • Ma says we should wait outside
  • Joe-e arrives at 1pm
  • Quick! To the trike!

  • We arrive at ABS-CBN
  • Aldwin is already inside
  • Again with the thermal scanning

  • WE'RE IN!
  • There's that familiar-looking guy again

  • We all go to the dressing rooms
  • We're given forms to fill up
  • We strike up a conversation with some college students from Pampanga
  • Aldwin's mom learns that taping starts at 5pm!
  • We go out to eat
  • There's that familiar-looking guy again
  • He runs up to us, and introduces himself as Cholo from the Folding Water book launch! So that's where I saw him! That was just 2 weeks ago, and I already forgot!
  • Turon!
  • Joe-e buys bottled water for the college students from Pampanga
  • We go back to the dressing rooms

  • We all go to the studio, where the players for the 1st episode are already suited up
  • The set is being tested
  • All the reserves go up the stage for a briefing about the set
  • The 1st episode begins!
  • Yellow team, a team of middle-aged sisters, wasn't able to answer and wasn't eliminated and will return next episode
  • After the Taranta Round, all reserve players were called to the dressing room, where the next set of players will be announced
  • We hoped to be picked for the next episode, since the 3rd and last episode would end near midnight
  • We weren't picked. Among those picked were Cholo's team, another team of UPD alumni, Lou's team and Leo's team
  • Mmeal stubs were distributed and we ate dinner

  • We go back to the studio to watch the 2nd episode
  • Cholo's team gets eliminated in the Elimination Round
  • Yellow team, a team of middle-aged sisters, wasn't able to answer and wasn't eliminated and will return next episode -- again! Also, Lou's Green team
  • Leo's team gets eliminated in a Taranta Round tie-breaker

  • We're called back to the dressing room to wait for the next selection of teams
  • Reimbursements for transportation expenses!
  • We heard that the UPD team, Violet, won
  • Some players were joking around, asking whether anyone was willing to take on the UPD guys
  • Announcement of selected teams: WE'RE IN!
  • I was telling Aldwin and Joe-e that I hoped we be assigned Black team, so we'd have generic looking jackets we could take home
  • This was around 9pm

  • We suit up! We were assigned ORANGE

  • Joe-e and Aldwin put me in the middle, so i'd be the one to answer
  • We test the set
  • One of Grey team's buzzers is broken, and they had to replace it, after taking too long to repair
  • The waiting makes me nervous

  • Episode starts!
  • Thriller dance FAIL

  • Eliminations!
  • 3 teams already qualify, only 1 more team will be selected
  • Joe-e and I bang against the metal barrier which dropped too late -- that hurt!
  • Yellow team gets eliminated
  • We're the 4th team to get in!

  • More briefing
  • Joe-e and Aldwin chose me to answer in case of a tie breaker

  • Taranta Round starts
  • Seat is not ergonomic, my back hurt when we were lowered
  • The question is: Mindanao cities?? Bummer!
  • I get picked to answer first!
  • Water in the face (and glasses) sucks! Couldn't read the choices for around 2 seconds
  • "Digos!"
  • Violet team makes a mistake: Jolo is not a city!
  • Joe-e and Aldwin answer correctly -- WE'RE IN!
  • Lou's Green team gets in as well

  • We were given towels to dry ourselves, and they powder us up a bit
  • We get on the thingies, and we test sensors -- I don't really get when and why swipes don't register somehow.. I decided to bend my knees a bit when I swipe

  • Diskarte Round starts!
  • Joe-e answers first
  • I make the 1st mistake! Sucks!
  • Lou gets the 10K! *gasp*
  • I send Lou Back To Base!
  • Lou passes question to Aldwin, who has yet to answer -- Aldwin knew the answer! Q: US president during Cuban Missile Crisis 1962 -- A: JFK
  • Joe-e passes question to Ayean, Q: which philippines peso bill has "Saligang Batas" -- Ayean answers P100, which is wrong! A: P20
  • Joe-e makes Aldwin advance
  • Joe-e and I are maxed!
  • Lou makes a big mistake -- he didn't send either of us Back To Base!
  • Joe freezes Lou, and maxes Aldwin
  • WE WIN!

  • Break, then briefing about next round
  • Companions and reserve players are sent out of studio

  • We play a mock Jackpot Round -- I sucked! I didn't say "Sure na!", I didn't put my hand back to my chest

  • The real Jackpot Round starts!
  • Aldwin is quick on "Mine!", gets first 3 questions!
  • We pass on the 4th
  • I answer the next question, an NBA question
  • Jjoe-e answers the next question, on fashion
  • We bonk the last question: Aling laruan ang inimbento ng isang karpintero sa Denmark noong 1932?
  • We answered train, despite knowing it was wrong.. We just knew that we were running out of time
  • Joe-e immediately turns to me and asks: wasn't it Lego?
  • Edu reveals that last question first: the answer is Lego!

  • WIIIIIN!!!


Maaan! Remembering it now still makes my heart beat a little faster!


JAm said...

it's even more exciting when being watched. paano naman kasi parang di kayo aabot lagi sa next round. (well except for the diskarte round. hehe.)

mark said...

Nik! Nice theme. :)

Nikki! said...

@JAm -- kahit ilang ulit ko nang napanood, kinakabahan pa din ako pag pinapanood ko ulit! ;p

@Mark -- di pa nga tapos yung theme, tinatamad pa ako gumawa nung graphics! :p

Anonymous said...

eh... bookmarked thoughts ))