Thursday, June 18, 2009

Birthday Eve

I just took my first spoonful of lunch in the office pantry, when Wilma called (received by May) to say that a Red Ribbon delivery just arrived at our building's reception area. I was pretty sure someone was trying to kid me. I went back to our office and asked Wilma about it, and she just said that that's all she knew. Still very much startled, I got my wallet and went down to see what the deal was.

Sure enough, there was this Red Ribbon box on top of the receptionist's desk. I approached it and saw the delivery man hand over some papers that I should sign. It was indeed addressed to me! I looked at the other sheets and saw the order form: it was from Kei! I was laughing in my head! The delivery man pointed to an envelope attached to the box and I took out the note inside. Kei says the cake's an early treat for me and my office buddies. I was feeling reeeaaally giddy on my way back up!


That's a Coffee Walnut Bavarian from Red Ribbon. It was very delicious! it wasn't too sweet and the flavors were mild but still distinct.

I'm still feeling quite high, right now! ^_^


mark said...

Happy Birthday niks!

Nikki! said...

Thanks, Mark!

Gusto ko malaman kung kelan kayo free before month's end! =p