Thursday, July 03, 2008

Installing Gnome2 IPMessenger

IPMsg ( is a staple application here in the office. When I was given a Linux workstation, I then had to run IPMsg for Windows on Wine. However, it pops up a series several error messages on startup.

It was annoying the first time. But I somehow got used to it. But, still, if I could get rid of it, I would.

Then, yesterday, Randell thought of running IPMsg on his laptop which was on Fedora. He said that he downloaded IPMsg from its site, to be sure that he had the latest version. I was also reading around about running IPMsg on different LANs and I found out that IPMsg is open-source and cross-platform! So I took a look at the official site.

There were indeed various versions for different platforms (and languages! there's a Tagalog version?!)! I readily picked GNOME2 IP Messenger, as it was the UNIX version that was most recently updated (2008 at that! version as of writing is g2ipmsg-0.9.5).

A few things about GNOME2 IP Messenger (g2ipmsg), though.

Make sure you have all dependencies installed:

  • libxml-parser-perl

  • libgnomeui-dev

  • libpanel-applet2-dev

(UPDATE 2008-07-06 2:35AM -- additional dependencies)

  • gettext

  • intltool

How to install these depends on the Linux distribution. The easiest way is to use the graphical Package Manager.

(MAJOR UPDATE 2008-07-07 5:27PM)
Randell reported that he couldn't find the dependencies in Fedora -- I was surprised! I did a search and found out that libxml-parser-perl was perl-XML-parser in Fedora! I suppose that the rest of the dependencies are only for Debian-based distros. Randell said that he'd look up the rest, and post a Fedora instructional soon. With that, I'm slapping the apt-get command back into the list below.

After assuring that you have the above dependencies, you can do a conventional build and install from source. Assuming that the current working directory is where g2ipmsg-0.9.5.tar.gz is located:

$ tar zxf g2ipmsg-0.9.5.tar.gz
$ cd g2ipmsg-0.9.5/
$ sudo apt-get install libxml-parser-perl libgnomeui-dev libpanel-applet2-dev gettext intltool
$ ./configure
$ make
$ sudo make install
$ sudo g2ipmsg

Make sure to execute sudo g2ipmsg right after installation. You'll only be able to run it without the sudo after a reboot -- I don't know why, though.

I suddenly posted something like this because while researching specifically about this, the search results with definite instructions were non-English sites.


mark said...

thanks for this niks. :) malaking tulong...

mark said...

btw, for ubuntu, in commandline:

# sudo apt-get install libxml-parser-perl libgnomeui-dev libpanel-applet2-dev

For documentation purposes. :)

Nikki! said...

yeah, yeah..

i had that in my initial draft, and i dunno why i removed it -- i think i got too lazy to include the other distro-specific commands (yum for RedHat/Fedora/etc), so i removed it to be fair.. hence the tip about the graphical Package Manager. =p

mark said...

hehe. :) mas madali lang pay may pwede nang icopy paste sa command line. :)

btw, nanghingi pa sakin ng gettext na dependency.

Initial impression, dami pang rough edges. :( UI-wise ha, hindi functionality. I'm not complaining about the aesthetics ha... Hindi lang ganun ka-optimized yung UI for a smoother usage.

Nikki! said...

re: gettext

sabi na nga ba, dapat sinama ko.. 1 out of 5 na researched sites lang kasi yung naglagay nun.. =p

Anonymous said...

thnx dude
its great
i tried on many sites but finally u rovided the right so;uton

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Was wanting to have this done on Ubuntu and the instructions helped.

Ninad Pundalik said...

Thanx for the dependencies man... I had compiled a .deb for G2ipmsg but wasn't sure of the deps... Need to use it on my college LAN and a lot of my friends couldn't use it correctly becuase of the missing deps... I Like g2ipmsg more than kipmsg though I am mostly on KDE...

Anonymous said...

g2ipmsg crashes (without sudo)

and with sudo (just after sudo make install), this is the error I get:

Error : pubcrypt.c line:2085 ] Directory /home/user/.g2ipmsg is not secure or does not exist.

I am on intrepid

Appreciate any help..

lavezarez said...

bro, thanks a lot for this post. worked 100% on my ubuntu 9.04 jaunty. just followed your instructions, but instead of using the sudo app-get, i used the synaptic.

and yes! i can IPmsg my fellow XP officemates.

Tech-Talk said...

na-install ko ipmsg sa latest release ng ubuntu 9.04 (jaunty) pero may error na lumalabas.

Can not convert message from into ineternal representation

pero kahit na may lumalabas na ganito ok pa naman IPMsg ko. Paano kaya ito alisin?


Nikki! said...

@ Anonymous #2, Tech-Talk:

Sorry, but I can't quite help you with your questions.. Haven't got the time to play with installing g2ipmsg again.. =p

borgy said...

hey kuya niks, salamat sa blog post mo! hahaha d ko akalain ikaw pa makakatulong sa problema ko sa pagbuild ng ipmsgr. google makes our world smaller :D BTW congrats!!

Nikki! said...

Yo, Borgy! =D

Thanks! =)

sharef said...

i was wondering if there was a command line send function on this program, i want to script an ipmsg system to send status reports to my vista box from my intrepid file server

Nikki! said...

@sharef -- Unfortunately, I don't think g2ipmsg was made to accomodate sending via command-line.. Another option you can consider is to run the Windows version (which has command-line support) under Wine, if you need it badly..

Unknown said...

Excellent work man. Thanks a lot.

Advali said...

sa lahat ng may error message na


before you install g2ipmsg, do the following

1)find the userdb.c file from src folder
2)find and delete this line and save the file:

ipmsg_err_dialog(_("Can not convert message from %s into ineternal representation"), peer_addr);

reinstall ipmsg. then after that, no more messages.

no probs sa linux ko.

Nikki! said...

@Cookie: Thanks for the additional info! :)

~/.raymond said...

You guys wanna try iptux. It's gtk can also communicate with ipmessenger. I believe nasa repo rin ng Ubuntu ito...mine is Debian. Tried the xipmsg for minimal deps, but I guess I have to set some conf file...for other configs like network address (I am having 2 networks at the same time), etc. which I couldn't locate...I believe this is the same thing when I made my bc (I don't need astig UI calculator...just bc) to output in a small terminal and used static config file like scale and base.

Camila said...

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