Monday, September 17, 2007

Lotsa News About Me

1) New work location

We've been going to work at the Port Area in Manila for almost 2 months now! We're on-site for a project, and our clients didn't believe us when we said that WE DIDN'T NEED TO BE THERE.

2) New temporary residence

As a result of #1, during weekdays, I'm staying at our "staffhouse". It's an OLD condominium unit owned by the president of our company and, from what I heard, the company is renting it from him. Smart guy.

3) Getting used to the metro

Although the commute from our staffhouse to work is quite easy (20-minute LRT2 + 20-minute jeepney ride), I'm still not used to the city atmosphere: the vehicle fart on the streets, the slight consolation of air-conditioned establishments to pass through which is still far from fresh and, most notable of all, the (unforgivable!) stench of the air at the Port Area!

I really miss the (relatively) fresh air in Los Baños.

Aside from that, I'm getting more and more familiar with Makati. =) I've been enjoying more dates with Kei!

4) Trying to get into the metro

I've already mentioned before that I don't care anymore whether the higher-ups at work read my blog.

Since we've moved to Manila, I've become more active in looking for a job near Makati. The only thing our office had that kept me from moving to Makati was that it was located in Laguna -- and they've taken that away! We were promised that we would be on-site in Manila for only around 2 months. If that was the case, then why the heck did they pull-out all our stuff in our Laguna office and bring it to our main office in Pasay?!


That's it I guess.. not a lot, after all.

Oh. I got fatter.


I REALLY had to post somtehing. Especially since I didn't go to work today and stayed at home in LB (FTW!).. =p


Celedor said...

Waaa! Sabi nga ni Palowi nasa Makati ka na pala.

Maybe you could join us in one of those Catan thingies during the weekend. :P

mark said...

niks! gusto mo apply dito samin? I think our java group is catering to a US client (which in my opinion is a good thing) and andun yung isang taga LB na cmsci teacher dati (forgot his name, Erwin ata...)

and...minor details, pero worthy sabihin: they're in the new office, so everything is shiny... ;)

and hey, naalala ko lang*, this is a filipino company.

(*na factor sayo to dati, di ko lang sure now...)

mark said...

hey, i don't mind losing the possibility of you being my officemate if that means you'll get to join that kick-ass company we talked about. coolness!

nice chat --with-kei --real-world-chat last night. :) it's been a while...

Anonymous said...

@mark: yeah, really nice chat. Nikki had a blast (mind you, he needed that). Thanks! =)


mark said...

@Kei, that's good to hear.

Obligatory "I'll just send the bill later." joke follows... :p