Friday, March 02, 2007


On the bus on my way to work, Ghost Rider was playing. I haven't seen it before, and I only saw a bit of it, but I liked what I saw! It was probably a pirated copy, but I was surprised that the video and sound quality was really good.

Speaking of comic hero movies, the new TMNT movie has a new trailer! I am once again surprised that I liked what I saw! :p


Nag-d-drama bigla si Mark.. *whistle-whistle*


mark said...

what? me? drama?

hahahah. kainis. :P

Gaebril said...


Man, I do sort of regret not watching Ghost Rider on the big screen. I'll still wait for a DVD copy though.

Is it me or do the turtles seem... thinner?

Nikki! said...

@Chico: Showing pa naman yung Ghost Rider, a.. :P Anyway, payat talaga yata yung mga Turtles sa comics..

jem said...

syempre dapat lang pumayat ung mga turtles. we live in an age of health-consciousness, remember. good health = less pizza.